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About Us

Al Marhaba Stud concentrates on the bloodline of the legendary mare Estopa
- and her illustrious son El Shaklan-
with the addition of Ali Jamaal, Bey Shah and several Egyptian lines.

Al Marhaba Stud was founded in 2000, by Sandra Lucia Menzel, in Germany.
"Over 20 years ago, when I was looking at Arabian horses, I soon realized that
each and every horse that I liked was tracing back to the mare Estopa --
there was a special look about those horses and I was really drawn to the bloodline.
I then went to "the source", Om El Arab International in California and purchased
my three foundation mares.  I add the name "Estopa" to those horses whose tail
female line directly traces to this legendary mare, to honor their heritage."

Estopa El Shaklan
Estopa El Shaklan

'Beauty and charisma are as important as balance and correct conformation.
One without the other- and the Arabian Horse will not be complete.'

Sandra Lucia Menzel

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